In my free time I like to play video games, read books, daydream about you and put knives between my fingers and pretend I'm Wolverine.

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Anonymous asked: TittyVisaGrope/KittyPizzaDope/WittyLisaIsotope<3


marry me.

Would you rather have chicken nuggets for toes or have Cheetoh dust on your fingers for the rest of your life?

Anonymous asked: how many throbbing cocks could you simultaneously cater to in a room with glory holes filled upon demand?


Zero.  You never know who’s on the other side. I mean it could be my father, the president, MY DOG! Yeah. Not happening.

Anonymous asked: Do you have a labia piercing?


I aint about that life, girl.  

Anonymous asked: I'd like to enter your 100 Acre Woods & do what Tiggers do best if you catch my drift.


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